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Precision Grinding MN
Operator Grinding Forging Die Parts
metalworking  industry. polishing and finishing metal cogwheel gear on grinding machine in factory

Minnesota's All Around Precision Grinding 

Quality Control. On Schedule. Complete Precision.

Minnesota's Precision Grinding Company


Minnesota's All Around Precision Grinding has been providing quality precision grinding services for manufacturers throughout the Midwestern regions of the USA. The need for precision ground components is on the rise for almost every growing industry in the USA. We are proud to have more than 35 years of experience in providing precision ground components and abrasive engineering services to all varieties of industries including, automotive, construction, metal machining, fabrication, food service, and tool making. We offer quality control and precision ground components group to within .000020 and as low as 2 micro-finish. At Minnesota Precision Grinding, our customers are our top priority. Service to our customers is our number one goal. Our service includes strict quality control, timely completion of components and extremely good communication with our customers. We take extreme pride in our customers, employees and our professionalism.


All Around Precision Grinding Services Minnesota


Being a precision grinding company of Minnesota, we offer a variety of precision grinding services within Minnesota, South Dakota. North Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Michigan, and the rest of the midwest. But we are not only restricted to the midwest, we offer our services to all of the USA as well as Canada! You can see the wide variety of precision grinding services we offer below:


































CNC Cylindrical Grinding
Centerless Grinding
Blanchard Grinding
Surface Grinding
Form Grinding
Why Choose Us?
  • Quality Control

  • Always On Schedule

  • Excellent Communication

  • Great Customer Service

  • Services offered in multiple locations

  • Broad Range of capabilities 

Industries We Serve
  • Paper

  • Electronics

  • Construction

  • Machine Assembling & Building

  • Tooling Repair & Tool Making

  • Auto Industry

  • Metal Machining

  • Medical Devices

  • Chemical Industry

  • Oil & Mining

  • Steel Industry

  • Military & Defense

  • Fabrication

  • OEM

Locations We Serve
  • Precision Grinding Minnesota

  • Precision Grinding South Dakota

  • Precision Grinding North Dakota

  • ​Precision Grinding Iowa

  • ​Precision Grinding Illinois

  • Precision Grinding Michigan

  • Precision Grinding ​Indiana

  • Precision Grinding Kansas

  • Precision Grinding ​Nebraska

  • Precision Grinding ​Missouri

  • Precision Grinding Ohio

  • Precision Grinding Canada

Our Precision Grinding Services are available nationally throughout the USA and Canada including high volumes in the following states:

Minnesota | South Dakota | North Dakota | Iowa | Illinois | Michigan | Indiana | Kansas | Nebraska | Missouri | Ohio | Wyoming | Montana | Colorado | Utah | Idaho | Nevada | Arizona | New Mexico | Oklahoma | Missouri | Arkansas | Indiana | Kentucky | Tennessee | Ohio | Alabama | Mississippi | Texas | Wisconsin | Louisiana | Washington | Oregon | California | Georgia | South Carolina | North Carolina | Virginia | West Virginia | Florida | Canada | USA

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