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Blanchard Grinding MN | Blanchard Grinding 101!

Welcome to All Around Grinding's 101 on Blanchard Grinding MN! Here we will talk about some facts about Blanchard Grinding - it's benefits and uses. Blanchard grinding is the method used to on metals that contain iron, since it is held by a magnetic chuck as it’s ground, to quickly remove stock from one side of a large part, that is typically too large to be double disc-ground.  

Some metals that are used in Blanchard Grinding include:

Cast Iron; Stainless Steel; Copper; Bronze; Aluminium; Steel

Blanchard Grinding MN | Benefits of Blanchard Grinding Experts!

At All Around Precision Grinding Minnesota, we make use of our Blanchard Grinding MN machine for various projects as it had many benefits. The main benefit of using the Blanchard Grinding method, is removing large volume of material from a piece of metal swiftly with great precision. The large amount of power that the Blanchard Grinding machine has helps to make this process fast, efficient, and cost-effective for a precision grinding company. 

Technically referred to as rotary surface grinding, the process is ideal for surfaces too large for disc grinding, such as rotary tables, plate stock, and die blocks. Blanchard grinding leaves a specific finish pattern on surfaces, and from the movement of grinding tools across the surface, produced by the nature of the operation. It uses more horsepower than other grinding services, but the turnaround time is much faster for certain parts. It can be used on multiple parts, leading to reduced expense and production times.

Blanchard Grinding MN | Minnesota Blanchard Grinding Experts!

Blanchard grinding is an excellent choice for applications requiring high-production rates and moderate finish accuracy. We offer quality control and precision ground components group to within .000020 and as low as 2 micro-finish. At Minnesota Precision Grinding, our customers are our top priority. Service to our customers is our number one goal. Our service includes strict quality control, timely completion of components and extremely good communication with our customers. We take extreme pride in our customers, employees and our professionalism.​

We serve the following locations:

Minnesota; South Dakota; North Dakota; Iowa; Illinois; Michigan; Indiana; Nebraska; Missouri; Ohio; Canada

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