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Blanchard Grinding Shop

Blanchard Grinding Shop| What is Blanchard Grinding?

Blanchard Grinding Shop

Blanchard grinding, alternatively known as rotary surface grinding, where the grinder is a table that rotates counterclockwise. This variant of grinding offers a quick precision-grind on the faces of large pieces of stock: namely rotary tables, plate stock, and die blocks.

The Blanchard grinding process is typically used on ferrous metals (metals containing iron) since the part is often held together by a magnetic chuck during grinding. Some metals that are used for Blanchard grinding are Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Copper, Bronze, Aluminum, and Steel. Blanchard grinding can sometimes also be used on non-ferrous metals and even plastics, although production is then lower and costs higher (due to additional setup).

Blanchard Grinding Shop | Why this precision grinding method is used and how it works

At All Around Precision Grinding Minnesota, your local Blanchard Grinding Shop - we make use of our Blanchard Grinding MN machine for various projects as it had many benefits. Since the Blanchard grinding process consists of machines very large amount of power, the process is fast, efficient, cost-effective and precise. This type of machine grinding can be used on multiple parts, leading to reduced expense and production times.

In a Blanchard grinding machine, the grinding wheel is on a vertical spindle, and moves in the opposite direction to the rotation of the magnetic chuck. Before the grinding machine is used, faces of the stock are relatively leveled, without any noticeable protrusions. The finishing tolerances provided by Blanchard grinding machines can be as little as one-thousandth of an inch, with similar flatness. Of course, tolerances, vary from material to material. But by virtue of design and approach, Blanchard offers very consistent finishes for large scale productions. Thus the process is great for jobs requiring high-production outlet and strong finish precision.

Blanchard Grinding Shop | Minnesota Blanchard Grinding Experts!

Blanchard grinding is an excellent choice for applications requiring high-production rates and moderate finish accuracy. We offer quality control and precision ground components group to within .000020 and as low as 2 micro-finish. At Minnesota Precision Grinding we are a Machine Shop that holds our customers are our top priority. Service to our customers is our number one goal. Our service includes strict quality control, timely completion of components and extremely good communication with our customers. We take extreme pride in our customers, employees and our professionalism.​

We serve the following locations in the USA:

Minnesota; South Dakota; North Dakota; Iowa; Illinois; Michigan; Indiana; Nebraska; Missouri; Ohio; Canada

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